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                                                      T O N I G H T ' S  C A R D
                                                 FRIDAY AUGUST 4, 1978
                                                Sam Houston Coliseum

                                             --DOUBLE MAIN EVENT--
                    BRUISER BRODY             VS          SWEET LEROY BROWN
                    325 lbs Albuquerque, New Mexico                                                350  lbs from the South of Chicago

                                  DUSTY RHODES                     VS                    GINO HERNANDEZ
                                    265 lbs Austin, Texas                                                            230 lbs Houston Texas
                                                                        each 2/3 fall  with a 60 minute time limit

                                 DALE VALENTINE          VS              DAVID VON  ERIC

                     DON KODIAK                  VS             BARON VON KRUPP


                           COLOSO COLOSETTI                VS                      ROCK JOHNSON

                                    LEO SEITZ                     VS             JOSE LOTHARIO

                                     Referees Danny McShane and Bronco Lubich