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Dick Murdock

Former holder of the North American Heavyweight Title.


Known to some fans in the Mid-South as the man of the hour. He has held the North American title, central States and the Missouri title. Their are other titles he has held diring his career. He was taught the brain buster by Killer Karl Kox. They held the Tri-State U.S. tag title together, and they had a split and had to give up their claim to the title. The N.W.A champion Terry Funk offered a bounty on Dick Murdock. Kox and Bob Sweetan collected the prize money. bruiser Bob Sweetan held Dick Murdock while Kox threw ink into Murdock's eyes. Terry Funk said" I don't like how you did it but you did it, so I am a man of my word here is the bounty check".
In another altercation with Bill Watts Murdock agreed to let Watts put the Oklahoma Stampede on him if Watts could get from the brain buster in a 1 minute. Watts was able to get up, but Murdock claimed he was hot and sweaty and left the ring.
Murdock during his career teamed with Dusty Rhodes to become the Texas Outlaws. He had several rough feuds with Stan Hansen, John Tolos and Ernie Ladd. He was a villain and a hero at certain times and areas.