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Welcome to my photo album!

The most famous masked wrestler who represented scientific wrestling. His mask was white with black trim. He has had several matchesfor titlesduring his career. he wrestled in the Mid-South where he gained the North American Title. He traveledall over the nation.

He was a rulebreakerearly in his career, but donned the mask to change his reputation. Mr Wrestling II' favorite partner was Tim Woods. He also acquired the Mississippi and Georgia State titles.

He was the favorite wrestlerof former President Carter. He was always willing to show his vast knowledgeto young and up and coming wrestlers.

His most devastating weapon was the kneelift. While commentating during a match Cowboy bill Watts explained an encounter he had with Wrestling II. Mr. Wrestling had jammed watts lower lip into his teeth during a match.

He has spent some tiem in georgia. There he has had fueds with the Andersen Brothers Ole and Gene, Ernie Ladd and Buddy Colt. He has also wrestled many times for the N.W.A. World Title.

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