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Tri-State Wrestling


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North American Champions


Here are pictures of tri-State champions.

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Arman Hussien and Skandor Akbar had a lot of things in common than the North American title. They both came to America to prove they were the best wrestler in the world. For it is here they met in competition. Hussien took his title from Bull Ramos. Akbar defeated Hussien to win the title. Hussien said long ago " Akbar is a cancerous growth in professional wrestling and I am the surgeon to remove it".


Ted Debiasi held the North American title only to lose it to Waldo Von Eric. Waldo wore a mask and called his self the Zim.


Mr. Wrestling mostly stayed in Georgia, but in his travel he captured the North american title.


Killer Karl Kox seen here has held the North American title

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Skandor Akbar seen here here holding the North American Championship he won from Arman Hussian. Akbar once said long ago " Hussian can't you get it through your thick head that I am the king? How many times do I have to beat you?"


Dust Rhodes has held numerous titles and this title early in the seventies also.


Mike George held that title during the seventies also. He defended it against many opponents.


The Spoiler held this title only to lose it to Cowboy bill Watts, pictured below, in 1970.


Cowboy Bill Watts has also held the North American Title.

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Stan the lariat Hansen


Ernie Ladd has held the North American title on several occassions.

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Bull Ramos held the title only to lose it to Arman Hussian.

There are more champions on the way.