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AWA Wrestling


A.W.A. Photo Album
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A.W.A. heavyweight champions.

A.W.A. Photo Album

There are many wrestlers that wrestled in the 70s. Some will be featured here. Verne Gagne, Baron Von Raschke among others wrestled during the heyday of the A.W.A.

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Larry the ax Henning.

Larry Henning is famous for his ax move. He would throw his opponent into the ropes and clothline them. The opponent would be down for the count.

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The big cat Ernie Ladd

Ernie Ladd gave Dick the Bruiser a rough time.

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Dick the bruiser and the crusher.

Dick the bruiser and the Crusher both held the tag titles together. they had legendary battles with the Blackjacks Lanza and mulligan and the Jim and John Valiant.

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Superstar Billy Graham

Former W.W.W.F. champion spent some in the A.W.A. He has had several encounters with Verne Gayne.


Jimmy Valiant


Cowboy bill Watts whipping Larry the ax Henning into to the ropes.


Mad Dog Vachon