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A.W.A. heavyweight champions.

Welcome to American Wrestling Association memories web site!

This is not the official web site of the A.W.A, it is my site for the memories that I remember.

I liked the wrestlers that wrestled in the A.W.A., there was many good matches. Verne Gagne was the champion. He has held that title many times. Larry Henning would throw his opponent into the ropes and on their rebound he would ax them off the ropes for the count. Bobby Heenan would interfer on his men's behalf. Nick Bockwinkle was a man Bobby would be seen interfering constantly. Bruiser and the Crusher also held the tag title together. Bruisers's formula for victory is Beer, broads and brawling.

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Verne Gagne has held the A.W.A. title on many occassions.

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