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Classic 70S Wrestling


Killer Karl Kox
Killer Karl Kox

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Killer Karl Kox and Bob sweetan recently collected a bounty on dick Murdock's head. Terry funk, the world champion at the time wanted Dick Murdock out of the way. He offered a 500 dollar bounty on Murdock's head. Killer Kox threw ink into Murdock's eyes while Sweetan held him. Murdock was out of wrestling for a long time.

Kox below uses a crowbar on his opponent


Killer Kox spent some time In Georgia with Gordon Solie.


Killer Karl Kox has held the North American Title.


A long time ago Killer Kox held the Tri-State title with Bruiser Bob sweetan. Once their match was completed their opponents wanted five more minutes. Their manager at the time was buck Robley and he said " You can give them five more minutes, so Kox and sweetan gave their opponents five more minutes. They wrestled the five minutes and no winner. Their opponents once again requested five more minutes. Buck Robley wanted Kox and sweetan to give their opponents five more minutes. Kox said no and decided to fire Buck Robley. Sweetan also said with anger "It's about time". A week later after a tag match Kox threw Sweetan out of the ring. He put the brainbuster on Sweetan on the concrete floor. A week or two later after Kox had chose Ken Patera as his partner he tried to do the same but he brainbustered Patera in the ring. Kox yelled out " I don't need him anymore". Ken Patera got up and attacked Kox from behind and threw him out of the ring.