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Classic 70S Wrestling
Killer Karl Kox

Wrestling From The 70s

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Wrestling History

Manager Rock Hunter came into prominence when he arrived in the area. He signed the German team of Seigfreid Stanke and Kurt von Hess. With his guidance they captured the Louisiana tag titles from Ray Candy and Steven Little Bear. They were later fired when they lost the titles. Rock Hunter had made it clear he wanted only champions.
The Assassin I and II along with The Angel under his wing were brought in. He fired Assassin II and teamed The Angel with Assassin number One. The Assassin and the Angel captured the United States Title. There was a one-night tournament and the team of Dusty Rhodes and Andre the giant had won the titles. Andre could not make it to defend the titles, so Dusty Rhodes chose the spoiler to be his tag partner. Gary Hart came and pulled the spoiler away and Dusty was pinned giving the titles to the Assassin and The Angel.
Hunters team started a reign of terror. They broke Jerry Oates arm. They said he was only the start.
Rock Hunter also signed Mike George to a contract. Everyone was shocked to find out about Mike Georges signing. This occurred after a battle royal when Jerry Stubbs and Mike George were the only ones left. Mike George pearl harbored Jerry Stubbs after they both agreed to split the winnings.
Rock hunter became engaged in a bitter feud with Buck Robley. The trio of Rock Hunter, Assassin and the Angel gave Robley a severe beating. This incident caused Cowboy Bill Watts to come out of retirement. He would try to get rid of Hunter and his cronies.
Bill Watts would have to watch his back too. He had signed for a singles match with the Assassin, with the stipulation that Hunter, the Angel and Mike George would be locked inside a steel cage for the match. With Hunter and two of his cronies in the cage, Bill Watts came to the cage and he said I kind thought you were hungry, so I brought you some food. It turned out to be garbage. The Assassin came after Bill Watts and the struggle ensued. Just as Watts was on his way to victory King Kong Mosca came out and captured Watts in a full nelson. Bill Watts later defeated Mosca in a street fight at the Civic Center in Lake Charles, La.
In a match on TV Rock Hunters team of the Assassin and The Angel were to meet Buck Robly and Cowboy Bill Watts. Hunter covered Robley with a chloroform towel and mysteriously put him to sleep.
Bill Watt and Buck Robley were finally able to defeat The Assassin and The Angel for the U.S. tag titles. This was done at the Superdome Extravaganza in New Orleans, Louisiana. Angelo Mosca then broke buck Robleys arm and this caused them to have to give up the titles. The Mid South Tag Title was formed. There would be a tournament held to crown new champions. If one member of the team was eliminated then the whole team was eliminated.
Buck Robley gained some revenge when he got rid of Mosca from the battle royal.
It came down to Mike George and Bruiser Bob Sweetan verses Buck Robley and Bill Watts. At this point Sweetan called time out and asked matchmaker Grizzly Smith to come to the ring. He told Smith that he did not want to wrestle against Buck Robley because Robley was his best friend. Sweetan explained that he and Robley had teamed for much of the past year in the Kansas City area and held the Central States Tag Team Championship together. After a long discussion it was decided that Robley would against Mike George in a singles match with the winner getting the tag team titles. During the singles match King Kong Mosca came down to ringside and talked with Sweetan who was watching. Mosca then engaged Robleys partner, Cowboy bill Watts, who was watching, into a ringside brawl. This distracted the referee who failed to see Robley pinning Mike George in the ring. Bob Sweetan saw what was happening and he quickly climbed to the top rope and came crashing down onto the back of Buck Robley. The result George easily pinned Robley winning the Mid South Tag Titles. They have yet to face Robley and Watts
Ken Mantell after each victory would brand his opponent by clipping his locks with a pair of scissors. He recently branded Mike Sharpe and Sharpe didnt like it very well. Paul Orndorff was the next one branded by Mantell. After being humiliated in an arm wrestling contest. Mantell snuck up in back of Paul Orndorff and clobbered him from behind with a chair. Ken Mantell later developed a formula to remove hair. This would begin a big feud with Paul Orndorff.

Information courtesy of The Publication of Ring Wrestling November 1979 Author James C. Melby

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